About Atelier Petworth

At Atelier Petworth we act as a Family Office for private vehicle fleets, allowing our clients to enjoy their special vehicles without the worry that often comes with high end car ownership.

We also curate iconic cars and offer them for purchase, be that the latest supercar, a desired classic or a luxurious SUV. Should a client require a vehicle that is not part of our current collection, we will source the finest available to the desired specification, wherever it may be in the world.

The Atelier Petworth team has extensive history within the automotive sector, at the highest level, ensuring we can do what others cannot. Our specialists are able to broker the best deals, to source vehicles ahead of waiting lists and always ensure our clients never have to negotiate with main dealer networks.

A successful individual will have a number of experts to guide them through their lives, from financial advice to business consultancy. With Atelier Petworth you have trusted, recognised automotive experts on hand to advise and guide you through the luxury and supercar landscape.

<h2>About Atelier Petworth</h2>


  • Phone:   +44 (0) 7901 640 830
  • Email:   sales@atelierpetworth.com



Mark Spence

Highly experienced with a background that includes Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari, Mark has exceptional knowledge of his industry. He heads up Atelier Petworth and ensures that customer service and the showroom experience are second to none. Mark is instrumental in the pricing and purchasing of vehicles.

Michael Wilson

Michael is one of the Atelier Petworth directors. He has over 15 years experience of sourcing and maintaining significant cars for private collectors. His knowledge, passion and attention to detail make Michael an invaluable member of the team.

Do you want to a purchase a prestigious car? Are you looking to make a sale? Whatever you have in mind, we have the expertise and facilities to meet your needs.


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