Purchasing an iconic car often requires the use of a finance facility. We have long-standing relationships with trusted providers that offer hire purchase, lease purchase and personal contract purchase.

You can call on our impartial advice and, whatever your requirements (should you wish to make a simple purchase or change your car during or at the end of an agreement), we will help you secure the bespoke financial package that is best suited to your purchasing needs.

As prestige, performance car and supercar finance specialists Atelier Petworth offers the following finance services:


The most straightforward finance service is hire purchase. You can use this facility to spread the cost of purchasing a car over a number of years, making fixed payments on a monthly basis.

When you use hire purchase, there is flexibility in terms of the deposit required and fixed rates and a fixed payment schedule make budgeting easier. The length of your agreement can range from 12 to 60 months. Written quotations are available on request.


Lease purchase is a very popular type of finance service and is similar to hire purchase, except that your monthly payments cover only the interest, with the balance settled at the end of the agreement.

This facility is best suited to cars with higher values and to customers that like to change cars regularly. Your monthly payments are much smaller and you have the freedom to settle the balance at the end of the agreement or earlier, should you wish to re-finance or part exchange your car.


Personal contract purchase is similar to lease purchase in that monthly payments are followed by an end-of-agreement payment. However, the main the difference is that this final payment is optional. This facility suits customers looking to keep the same car for the duration of the agreement.

When you use this service, the value of your car at the end of agreement is set by the finance company. At the end of the agreement, you have the option to settle your account and purchase the car, hand back the keys rather than pay the final payment, or part exchange your car for another one.

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